Happy 2019 pagan newyear!

Happy newPagan Year! I’m including four [4] subjects to ponder in this posting. Beware! If you read them all at once, you might get a headache 🙂
1 2019 gcal
2 updated geneva-supputation
3 jslAncient font
4 N.A.

1 2019 gcal
Late this year! bad me…; anyways, this is an annual calendar, not the 7000 years of creation calendar [below].
My gcals are annually produced by me, used by me in google calendar and orange[linux small calendar app]. I think Apple invented the iCal [.ics files] format. It seems to be importable into all the calendar apps I have seen, even phones, etc.
I use http://www.USNO.navy.mil ‘s sunset/moonrise data for MY LOCATION [scripture says look to see new months and days], a spreadsheet to format this data and to export it to/as .cvs file [formatted like .ics file], rename .cvs file to .ics, load .ics file to calendar app; and walla! [Viola! ? silly french words…] I am done for the year! [Note: reading this paragraph makes it look harder than it is, but it is only a 4hr/year chore, once you get the hang of it. If you don’t understand this paragraph on ‘how I do it’, get your grandchildren to do it for you!]
I don’t believe, as the ‘official’ jews do, that one can know if the coming year will have 12 or 13 months in it [LOOK to see if the barley is budding when you are LOOKing to see if This sunset marks the new month at the end of the 12th month in last years Scriptural calendar {this year’s pagan calendar}] and therefore I always make two annual Scriptural calendars for the upcoming pagan year [2019], and in the spring [usually feb/march in northern hemisphere] when I ‘see’ at the end of the 12th Scriptural month that the barley is budding, I delete the 13Link calendar and use the 12Link calendar for the rest of the pagan year; Or if I ‘see’ that the barley is NOT yet budding when I ‘see’ and mark it a new month, then I delete the 12Link calendar and I use the 13Link .iCal file for the rest of this pagan year.  This year I added a 14m incase there are 14 months.

Whew!, that last paragraph was tough to write…

Master [2019gcal.xls] shows all three .csv’s ready to import into calendat and the worksheets used to make them

This link [calendar] shows what it looks like in a browser calendar, like googles.  Note: month labeled abib, 2nd, 3rd… Trumpets, 8th, etc.  And days marked as which day of the scriptural month starts at sunset on the gregorian calendar day.  The 7 annual sabbaths and some other days included.

2 updated genevasupputation
This is the 7000 years calendar, used to show that the 1560Geneva people ‘supputated’ that the return of Christ [year 6001 of creation] will happen in 2026AD [actually, ‘they’ (calvin, tyndale, most every reformer you ever heard of) calculated the age of the world to 10 April 1560, their publishing date; and ‘I’ basicly added 466 to get to 2026].
I lost a hard drive so I started over with a pdf I had previously posted on 1560Geneva.wordpress.com
I’m exporting it to .xls, and .pdf; and
I’m formating it to ;
a original spreadsheet style, three pages;
b single sheet style, one page 8.5 by 33 inches, best if viewing in webbrowser;
c Eightsheet style, landscape [room to write notes on printed pages, 7 era’s each have seperate page, pg8 is my notes.
2 formats times 3 exports equals the 9 file links below
xlsLinks [orig.xls] [1sheet.xls] [8sheet.xls] use these if you have M$ Excel and want to edit.  Remember tho, you need the jslAncient font to see these properly [see below].
pdfLinks [orig.pdf] [1sheet.pdf] [8sheet.pdf] use these to read/post to websites/print. FONTS NOT NEEDED!

p.s. I continually make small changes to these. They are not Gospel, they are tools whose originals I stole from a bunch of know-it-all reformers who scribbled them on the blank pages at the end of a Bible. These [my modified copys] are simply to help me contemplate the age of God’s great creation.
p.p.s. AND I post them here in the hopes that you will make changes to help me by showing me the/my errors that I have overlooked. But feel free to use them as you will, even use them to poke fun at me, and I will take That as a/the greatest compliment [I hope] 🙂

3 jslAncient font
jslAncient, the closest font I’ve found to the fonts in the original 1560 Geneva Bible [find the 250meg 1560 Geneva Bible at archive.org – use their search]
This font is Needed! to render the .xls .ods .word .whatever files I post in here. Tho the .pdf files I post ‘should’ render properly on your screen/printer/pdfviewer without having to install the fonts on your system. Use a websearch for jslanttf.zip [I think is the name]
The ‘jsl font’.zip file should include JANCIENT.TTF, JANCIENI.TTF [italics], and a license file …
breif license quip —> “emailware” and Jeff Lee – http://www.gate.net/~shipbrk/shipbrk@gate.net <— if it doesn’t have this, it’s probably a ripoff.
Appologies to Jeff, but I did try to create an 1560G.ttf font which replicates his font but uses all-original glyphs taken from the 250meg scanned-page pdf of the 1stEdition/1stPrinting 1560 Geneva bible found on archive.org,
but the task was too much for me.
Link [link-removed] probably best to find it on the webs. If I leave a copy here on wordpress, it might violate the license, I dunno.

4 N.A.
Any notes/references in my works where ‘N.A.’ is found, mean it is a note to/from Nicklas Arthur. I’ve been following him for decades. Truly the most informed, Scripturally adherent person currently/regularly posting to the public domain.
Visit his website at crosstheborder.org
Watch/Listen-to/chat-about his live weekly show at wwfar.com/chat


2017 Calendar finished!

Happy pagan newyear!

While the Lord’s calendar cannot be foreknown even one [1] moment in advance of the present moment;

[yea, tho we can guess when the next sunset which is the ‘start of tomoro’ will occur; we don’t suredly know that it shall thus then occur; for hasn’t He atleast once said “halt ye sun and halt ye moon, hold thyselves over that-there valley till I release thee”? < Joshua’s long day]

and tho it is plain truth that all the known calendar formats are ugly in respect to the truth, very much unfit to elucidate the calendar of the Lord;

yet, I have endeavoured for 7 years now to make and print a 365 day pagan calendar showing when each day is _predicted by data_ to start and when ‘it shall be unto you the beginning of the year’ shall start, each month’s start also, and each of the six [6] feast days and the one [1] fast day and a few other days such as the 10th of Abib when the lamb is to be seperated from the flock;
[I here Re-iterate, this is just guesses, one must witness with ones own eyes, the start of each month and the abib’ing of the barley]

and I have made two such pagan calendars [one showing twelve, the other thirteen months in the ‘previous’ year, for most surely no one can predict when the barley ears will bud], one or the other to be abandoned after I have discerned that such barley hath abib’d [usually early march, pagan time, at my latitude];

and of course, you ought to know that I have based these observations on my current geographic position,
for when doth the day start? is it not at sundown when mine eyes see sundown? or am I to know when sundown occureth in heirusalem, to start my day then?, I think not;
the same also with the first day of the month, ought it to be calculated ‘by the eyes of a cabal of wisemen, seeking to discern the horns of the muslim cresent moon, 9,000 miles away?’
or ought it not to be ‘in the land that I give thee’, and by the individual’s sighting of the new fullmoon, that any man can see, and yea, even Know with his own eyes, and without doubt???

So, I publicize these two calendars with the warning that your sundowns could be an hour or more different from mine [local-time-adjusted], your month might start a day or two before or after mine does here, and if your barley sprouts in september [down-underers], please do believe with your own eyes the beginning of your own year [aka, the new year that the Lord prints on your eyes], rather than blindly following the inconsequential markings that I have scratched onto google’s virtual paper pagan calendar, linked below…

2017 myrtlebeach 12month calendar << 1 Abib 5991 = 12 March 2017
2017 myrtlebeach 13month calendar  << 1 Abib 5991 = 11 April 2017

{Edit 5991-12-18 or 2017-March-01;
I have seen the barley ears, so for me this year [ending soon] will have only 12 months,    the new year will start on 2017march18 at sundown, here for me, so I will use the above calendar that is marked 12months}

1 Jan 2017 at sundown will start the 20th day of the 10th month of the 5991st year of the world.  [no, this is not a discrepancy, 1-1-5991 following 20-10-5991, ask]
I prognosticate a 95% chance that the 12 month calendar shall prevail this year.
If you can’t see these, or wish to have an .ics .ical .csv .ods. or .xls copy, send me a line.
I added sunrise as the ‘end’ of each day only for reference, scripturally sunrise is moot.I purposely left hanukah and other ‘jewish holy’ days [which I glean to be ‘your feast days which I hate’ < Lord saith] off of the calendar.
All of the Times shown are Zulu-5, that’s eastern time without regard to DST.
Tools used, USNO data, a spreadsheet app, a text app, & 4 hours labour.
I plan to show How I have accomplished this later, contact me if you seek info while my lazynesse still endures…


a perfite supputation

A    P E R F I T E    S V P P V T A T I O N   O F

T H E   Y E R E S   A N D    T I M E S   F R O M   A D A M   V N T O

Christ, proued by the Scriptures, after the collection of

diuers autors.


This link aTry9w4004xls1a4 is to a pdf file.  It is to a pdf export of an .xls spreadsheet showing the supputation in a ‘pretty’ format with notes, sites, and all the original narrative found in the 1560 Geneva bible.

Will add next a pdf of the original text alone.

I’ve pasted it below, but it looks really ugly when I see it in my web browser, I’ll try to fix it but may just delete it later…

The most notable part of this supputation is that it shows the 2nd comming of x to be the fall of 2026.

Note also that this is a work in progress

group sum year of Birth or event                                                 Notes Died Begat Aged 1560 Geneva Supputation narrative
1656   From Adam unto Noes flood are yeres 1656
  0 Adam   < Colors indicate Ancestor was alive when Descendant was born-not died 930 130 929.9833333333  
  130 Seth                                               Gen.5,3 1042 105 912 For when Adam was 130 yere olde, he begate Seth.
  235 Enos                                               Gen.5,6 1140 90 905 Seth being 105 yeres, begate Enos.
  325 Cainan                                               Gen.5,9 1235 70 910 Enos being 90 yeres, begate Cainan.
  395 Mahalaleel                                               Gen.5,12 1290 65 895 Cainan being 70 yeres begate Mahalaleel.
  460 Jared                                               Gen.5,15 1422 162 962 Mahalaleel being 65 yeres, begate Iared.
  622 Enoch                                               Gen.5,18 922 65 300 Iared at the age of a 162 yeres, begate Enoch.
  687 Methuselah                                               Gen.5,21 1656 187 969 Enoch being 65 yeres, begate Mathuselah.
  874 Lamech                                               Gen.5,25 1651 182 777 Mathuselah at the age of 187 yeres, begate Lamech.
  1,056 Noah                                               Gen.5,28-9 2006 500 950 Lamech being 182 yeres, begate Noe.
extraneous 1,556 Noah warned – alt birth of Shem, Ham & Japheth                                               Gen.5,32        
extraneous 1,559 Shem                                                 2159 100 600  
  1,656 FLOOD                                               Gen.7,6       Noe at the comming of the flood was 600 yeres olde, as appeareth in the seuenth of Genesis.
1656 1,656 The whole summe of the yeres are 1656.                                                        
363.03 1,656 From the said flood of Noe unto Abrahams departing from Chalde were 363 yeres, and ten dayes.
0.0273972603 1,657.03 end Flood                                               Gen.7,11&8,14       For the said flood continued one whole yere and ten dayes.
  1,659.03 Arphaxad                                                 2097 35 437.9726027397 Sem (which was Noes sonne) begate Arphaxat two yeres after that.
  1,694.03 Salah                                                 2127 30 432.9726027397 Arphaxat begate Salah when he was 35 yeres olde.
  1,724.03 Eber                                                 2188 34 463.9726027397 Salah being 30 yeres olde, begate Heber.
  1,758.03 Peleg                                                 1997 30 238.9726027397 Heber at his age of 34 begate Phalech.
  1,788.03 Reu                                                 2027 32 238.9726027397 Phalech being 30 yeres, begate Regu.
  1,820.03 Serug                                                 2050 30 229.9726027397 Regu being 32 yeres, begate Saruch.
  1,850.03 Nahor                                                 1998 29 147.9726027397 Saruch being 30 yeres, begate Nahor.
  1,879.03 Terah                                                 2084 70 204.9726027397 Nahor being 29 yeres, begate Thare.
  1,949.03 Abram                                                 2124 100 174.9726027397 Thare being 70 yeres, begate Abraham.
  2,019.03 Abraham departs Chaldees                                                     And Abraham departed from Chalde when he was 70 yeares olde.
363.03 2,019.03 These said yeres accounted are 363 yeres, & ten days.
430 2,019.03 From Abrahams departing from Ur in Chalde vnto the departing of the childreen of Israel from Egypt are 430 yeres, gathered as followeth.
  2,024.03 Abraham in Haran                                                       Abraham was in Charran fiue yeres, and departed in the 75 yere.
extraneous 2,035 Ishmael                                                      
  2,049.03 Isaac                                                 2229 60 179.9726027397 He begate Isaac when he was 100 yeres olde, ande in the 25 yere of his departing.
  2,109.03 Jacob                                                 2239 60 129.9726027397 Isaac begate Iakob when he was 60 yeres olde.
extraneous 2,169 Joseph                                                 2279 60 110  
  2,239.03 Jacob in Egypt                                                       Iakob went into Egypt with all his familie, when he was 130 yere olde.
repeated below 2,449.03 Depart Egypt                                                       Israel was in Egypt 210 yeres, which remaine from that time.
These four [4] rows are out-of-sequence, showing the division of the 210 years mentioned above and also below 2,369 Moses born                                                 2,489   120 Then rebate 80 yeres from this: for so olde was Moses when he conducted the Israelites from Egypt.
                                                      “–130–   So the reste of the yeres, that is to say 130, are deuided betwixt Amram and Chath.
2,304 Amram                                               should be 63? 65   Amram being 65 yeres, begate Moses, who in the the 80 yere of his age departed with the Israelites from Egypt.
2,237 Chath                                                 67   Then Chath begate Amram at his age of 67
repeated above 2,449.03 Depart Egypt                                                       Israel was in Egypt 210 yeres, which remaine from that time.
430 2,449.03 So this supputation is the 430 yeres mencioned in the 12. of Exod. & the 3. to the Galations.
480 2,449.03 From the going of the Israelites from Egypt vnto the first buylding of the Temple are 480 yeres, after this supputation and accounte.
  2,489.03   Moses remained in ye desert or wildernes 40 yeres.
  2,529.03   Iosue & Othoniel ruled 40 yeres.
  2,599.03   Atoth 70 yeres.
  2,639.03   Debora 40 yeres.
  2,679.03   Gedeon 40 yeres.
  2,682.03   Abimelech 3 yeres.
  2,705.03   Thela 23 yeres.
  2,727.03   Iair 22 yeres.
  2,740.03   check this Then were they without a captaine vnto the 13 yere of Iepthe.
  2,746.03   Iepthe 6 yeres.
  2,753.03   Abissam 7 yeres.
  2,773.03   check this Elom 20 yeres.
  2,781.03   Abacon 8 yeres.
  2,801.03   Sampson 20 yeres.
  2,845.03   Heli Iudge and Priest 44 yeres.
  2,885.03   Samuel & Saul reigned 40 yeres.
  2,925.03   Dauid was King 40 yeres
  2,929.03   Salomon in the 4 yere of his reigne began the buylding of the Temple
480 2,929.03 These are the 480 yeres mencioned in the first of the Kings, & the 6 chap.
419.5 2,929.03 From the first buylding of the Temple vnto the captiuitie of Babylon are 419 yeres & an halfe.
  2,965.03   Salomon reigned yet 36 yeres.
  2,982.03   Roboam 17 yeres.
  2,985.03   Abia 3 yeres.
  3,026.03   Asa 41 yeres.
  3,051.03   Iosaphat 25 yeres.
  3,059.03   Ioram 8 yeres.
  3,060.03   Ochasias one yere.
  3,067.03   Athalia the Quene 7 yeres.
  3,107.03   Ioas 40 yeres.
  3,136.03   Amasias 29 yeres.
  3,188.03   Ozias 52 yeres.
  3,204.03   Ioathan 16 yeres.
  3,220.03   Achas 16 yeres.
  3,249.03   Ezechias 29 yeres.
  3,304.03   Manasses 55 yeres.
  3,306.03   Amon 2 yeres.
  3,337.03   Iosias 31 yeres.
  3,337.28   Ioachas 3 moneths.
  3,348.28   Eliacim 11 yeres.
  3,348.53   Ioachim, Iechonias 3 moneths.
419.5 3,348.53 And here beginneth the captiuitie of Babylon. The summe of these yeres are 419 yeres.
143 3,348.53 Ierusalem was reedified & buylded againe after the captiuitie of Babylon 143 yeres.
  3,418.53   The captiuitie continued 70 yeres. The children of Israel were deliuered and restored to their fredome in the first yere of Cyrus.
  3,420.53   The Temple was begonne to be buylded in the 2 yere of the said Cyrus,
  3,465.53   & finished in the 46 yere,which was the 6 yere of Darius.
  3,491.53   After that Darius had reigned 20 yere, Nehemias was restored to libertie, and went to buylde the citie, which was finished in the 32 yere of the said Darius. All the yeres from the buylding of the Temple againe are 26 yeres
143 3,491.53 The whole summe of the yeres amount to 143 yeres.
483 3,491.53 From the reedifying of the citie vnto the coming of Christ, are 483 yeres, after this supputation or nombering.
  3,974.53                                                         It is mencioned in the 9 of Daniel that Ierusalem shulde be buylt vp againe, and that from that time vnto the coming of Christ are 69 weekes, & euerie weeke is reckoned for seuen yeres. So 69 weekes amount to 483 yeres. For from the 32 yere of Darius vnto the 42 yere of Augustus, in the which yere our Sauiour Christ was borne, are iust and complet so many yeres, whereupon we recken, that from Adam unto Christ are 3974 yeres, six moneths and ten dayes, and from the byrth of Christ vnto this present yere, is 1560. Then the whole summe and nomber of yeres from the beginning of the worlde vnto this present yere of our Lord God 1560 are iust 5534, 6 moneths, and the said odde ten dayes. Note: this was dated 10th day, april [6th month], 1560 a.d.
483 3,974.53 Christ born
2026.4726027397 6001 6001-3974.53=2026october21 = 10 days before 8th month = last day of tabernacles in 2026
extraneous   extraneous means not needed for the ‘total supputation’ – but an important date  
repeated below      
one date – mentioned twice – has explanatory info inbetween the “see below” and “see above”      
repeated above      
check this   Adam born at year 0, this probably should be labeled 1 and then Seth would be born 131?
check this   one of the digits is not readable, need to check this in scripture
The 143 year period is somewhat difficult to comprehend, one must see the mistakes of modern english to ‘get’ it.  
N.A., I believe that this is only 4 years off from your calculation from 0 to 3974 [you say it’s 3970?] at the end of the 69 weeks.
N.A., I believe that you are saying that the 69 weeks ended at christ’s baptism by john? 1560 Geneva supposes that it ended at Christ’s birth.
When Abram was born, 11 continuous generations [Noah to Abram] were alive at once.  
When Noah’s father [Lamech] was born, 9 continuous generations [Adam to Lamech] were alive at once.  
For the first 2006 years, either Adam or Noah was alive to see it, except the years from Noah’s father Lamech’s 56 year unto Noah’s birth.


1560 Geneva – the protestant bible

It was the first complete bible [old and new testaments, apocrypha, concordance, table of proper {biblical} names, a perfite supputation of the years since creation, a table showing the peregrinations of Paul, and a dedication to the {protestant} Quene Elisabet, aswell as column notes so prodigious that they do on some pages out-number the quantity of scriptural text thereon] in non-gothic font printed in the English language.

It is called the protestant bible because most of the protestors of the protestant revolution were involved in it’s production.

It and the protestant revolution itself were products of the recent sac of Constantinople/the-Byzantine-church by the mongol hordes – which provided the greatest outflux of scriptural fragments in A.D. history; their library rivaled the Roman Papal library; and all these scriptures were in the hands of normal people rather than solely in the hands of the papacies. The last time such a quantity of scripture was available to non-priests was when Babylon took the temple treasures, and it hasn’t happened since. Tho, we could have another such reformation if we could sac Rome, I believe that scripture informs us that Rome will not fall by protestors until His return.

It is available as a non-copyrighted PDF document from archive.org and google says elsewhere also, but this is a quarter-gig sized file without a table of contents. I purchased a leather-bound version from info@hurleybooks.com for 450us plus tax, shipping and insurance for my wedding several years ago, a reprint in new condition. An aquaintance has condensed the pdf version to 90megs and added a table of contents, and made it available for free distribution, ask if you would like a referal.

I have created this site because most of the people that I find worthy to argue matters of religion with seem to be stuck on the KJ-only doctrine, and I wanted a place to refer them for links, notes, quips, tidbits etc. As far as I know, the way wordpress works is that you may post comments here, please feel free, but remember

“Jas 3:8 But the tongue can no man tame. It is an vnrulie euil, ful of deadelie poyƒon.”


From the 90meg pdf file

The Holy Bible – Geneva Edition

1st Printing, 1st Edition in 1560

Given back to the people so all may understand

The Geneva Bible was first printed in Geneva, Switzerland, by refugees from England, fleeing the persecution of Protestants by Roman Catholic Queen “Bloody” Mary. Many copies were smuggled back into England at great personal risk. In later years, when Protestant-friendly Queen Elizabeth took the throne, printing of the Geneva Bible moved back to England. The Geneva Bible was produced by John Calvin, John Knox, Myles Coverdale, John Foxe, and other Reformers. It is the version that William Shakespeare quotes from hundreds of times in his plays, and the first English Bible to offer plain roman-style type in some of its early printings.

The Geneva Bible was the first Bible taken to America, brought over on the Mayflower… it is the Bible upon which early America and its government was founded (certainly not the King’s of England’s Bible!) The Geneva Bible was also the first English Bible to break the chapters of scripture into numbered verses, and it was the first true “Study Bible” offering extensive commentary notes in the margins. It was so accurate and popular, that a half-century later, when the King James Bible came out… it retained more than 90% of the exact wording of the Geneva Bible.


PDF Created in 2004 for future generations to learn

Bookmarks added and pdf optimized in 2010


Fede my ƒhepe.





1828 American Dictionary of the English Language

PROTEST’, v.i. [L. protestor; pro and testor, to affirm it.]

PROT’ESTANT, n. One of the party who adhered to Luther at the reformation in 1529, and protested, or made a solemn declaration of dissent from a decree of the emperor Charles V. and the diet of Spires, and appealed to a general council. This name was afterwards extended to the followers of Calvin, and Protestants is the denomination now given to all who belong to the reformed churches. The king of Prussia has, however, interdicted the use of this name in his dominions.